Who are we ?

who are we

It does not requires to be a giant to have a major impact and play a major role
Strong with experience of its executives over 15 years in the production of agrofuels , strong experience of over 80 years in the necessary industrial base has this production, strong with the support and assistance of Agricultural Engineers working for 20 years on the plant concerned , Jatro Maroc is pioneer in the knowledge about the culture of oilseeds, Industry production processing of inedible vegetable oils to biofuel production.

The project

the project

Jatro Maroc's main goal is to build a global production chain for renewable energies by the development of arid and semi arid lands. Our operations cover agronomy, crushing , refining and commercialization.

The Implementation of the Project : Adapted areas after extensives analysis Crop itinerary : Developed, improved and in use since 2005 Milling and processing technology : Existing and highly efficient since 1984 Marketing : In business relation with a large number of customers. Partners : Experienced, sound and reliable.


map of Jatrpha in Morocco

The crop establishment and processing industry will be in areas of Tiznit for the pilot project with an extension to Tan Tan poor and devastated areas of South Eastern Morocco.

Originality of the project

schema Jatro Maroc Le projet Jatro Maroc a pour originalité :